Your Retention Marketing Partner
Your Retention Marketing Partner

Scale your DTC e-commerce brand's revenue in 90 days.

If you’re a 6+ Figure eCommerce business that wants an additional 20% in revenue without spending an extra dime on ads — We might be a match.

Your challenges

Your e-commerce brand has so much potential.

But let me guess:

You’re way too dependent on paid ads or Google search

So, you’re screwed if your ad account gets suspended or the algorithm changes.

Your monthly recurring revenue is lower than you desire.

Also, with slim margins, you need higher volume of sales to achieve decent profits.

Your ROI on email marketing is incredibly low.

Your swamped marketing team puts the time and efforts but it doesn’t work well.

Your cashflow keeps fluctuating unpredictably.

Your MRR goes high and low like a rollercoaster, leaving you unsure about achieving stability.

Ads burn your profits. Emails multiply them.

E-commerce businesses have been widely focusing on using ads to bring in new customers for a long time. Makes sense.

Back then, running profitable ads was easy… but not anymore.

The chances of creating ads that convert are low, but the chances of your ad account getting shut out of nowhere are high.

Profit-killing CPAs, poor lead quality, wasting more budget on traffic.

Sounds familiar?

You want to:

Stop relying heavily on paid ads

Stop relying heavily on paid ads

Retain your existing customers

Retain your existing customers

Increase your MRR and margins

Increase your MRR and margins

Designs across industries

Skincare & Beauty

Clothing & Fashion

Food & Beverages


Here's how I can help you.


Boost your revenue and nurture your email list with an automated email strategy tailored to your DTC ecommerce business.


Enhance your email strategy beyond the basic automations with advanced email flows unique to your brand and it’s goals.


Send precise messages at the right time, ensuring your emails hit home to the ideal audience for maximum conversions.


Engage your audience with emails that don’t just have a killer copy and structure but also eye-catching designs that convert.


Maximize profits with optimizations that enhance your subscriber’s experience to turn them into your loyal customers.


Turn your readers into brand advocates and generate sales with image, designs and copy that reinforces brand recall.

What does your business need?

Begin email marketing from ground zero

You understand the need to have emails. But you don’t have time to start and set up the entire ecosystem of the highest ROI channel. 

But guess what? Every day you delay, you’re basically saying ‘no’ to more money! 

This is where I can help you go from Zero to 20% revenue from email within 90 days.

Spruce up your current email marketing game

You already have tried emails but they haven’t worked. 

Doing email marketing is not enough. It’s important you get $35 for every $1 spent.

I’ll not only give you a tailored email strategy but also identify missed opportunities and stop those money-draining leaks in your sales funnels. 

Take your revenue growth to the next level

You’ve already built a solid email foundation, but are looking for more growth opportunities.

I’ll optimize your existing flows and campaigns to elevate your email game, unlock new growth opportunities, and scale your brand’s profits

How I get your ecommerce brand an additional 20% in revenue every month with email


I will  audit your Klaviyo account

You’re probably seeing revenue coming from email already. But if you want 20%+ of your revenue coming from your email list, we need to find loopholes, & uncover opportunities to tailor a successful email marketing plan.


I will set up your email flows

Email automation cultivates strong relationships with your audience, turns them into loyal customers, and also brings the most revenue for your brand even if you’re not driving any more traffic to the store.


I'll create a 90-day strategy

Finally, after building all the money-making flows it’s time to send regular email campaigns to your list that nurture your subscribers for potential purchases, ensuring you leave no money on the table.

ROI Guranteed!

Increase your revenue by 20% in the next 3 months!

Or your money back – no questions asked.

Hello, I am Radhika Parekh.

After 2 years of working for performance marketing agencies, selling products in the niches like — food and beverages, skincare and beauty, fashion and apparel — I know the revenue potential that emails unlock (and more importantly, how to do it).

So now I offer end-to-end Email Marketing services with a laser focus on boosting revenue via acquisition and retention, exclusively for eCommerce businesses.

I take on only a limited number of clients at any given moment. This approach allows me to provide the dedicated attention that your business craves and truly deserves to thrive.

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