– email sequence & sales page copywriter

Got kick-ass digital products to sell but don’t know how to scale?

Work with me to skyrocket your business with words that tell, compel, and sell!

Imagine if you could work on your business without worrying about numbers.

I get it.

It hurts when you work so hard on something you want to sell, but when you put it out there…
…you hear crickets: (

You do know that your product or service has so much potential. Even I do.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got my words so you can keep your eyes on the ball. I mean, your business. (You cannot unhear BTS songs, can you?)

Yeah, there are copywriters who say they “write well”.

But c’mon! If the numbers don’t speak, those words don’t matter, do they?

Losing out on your prospects can be very painful. Losing out on your time, efforts, and money, even more.


You don’t deserve a copywriter that just writes and earns while you get no results.

You deserve a copywriter that gives you ROI in action!

$400 billion a year are lost in sales because of bad copy.

Some problems I can help you solve

I stick to a few things I’m skilled at.

Email Sequences

A $1 investment gives a return of $44.25 in email marketing! You can’t screw the channel that gives you the highest ROI. Can you?

Sales Page Copy

THE revenue generating page is not something you wanna compromise on. You don’t wanna settle with mediocre numbers. Do you?

Blog Content

Blogs with 3,000+ words get
3x more traffic and 4.5x more shares on social media. It’s one of the top three mediums of content marketing.


I have a year of agency experience along with a freelance experience of more than 3 years.

Like what you see?

This is how we roll!

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Hey there!

I am Radhika Parekh, a Freelance Copywriter who writes copies that:
Attract More Leads
Builds Brand Authority
Convert Visitors to Customers

Why me among the 9999 other Copywriters?

– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
– Fresh Content In Your Unique Brand Voice
– High Conversion Copy
– Affordable Price

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